The Nursery Room is our specialised infant and toddler care room, catering for children up to approximately two years of age. This room is a relaxed space where our youngest children start their preschool journey. We accommodate infants (aged from 3 months – and toddlers – up to 2 years of age) with a maximum of 12 children at any one time. Being a small nursery we naturally provide Primary Care (key teacher) type environment, however, your child will have up to three teachers who will also establish strong connections and relationship with your pepi and whānau within this room. We base our practice around respectful relationships and communication so that you and your child feel connected. Our daily routine is based on nurturing and supporting your child and enabling continuity from home to the centre. In our nursery room, the basic foundations of Montessori values are introduced and incorporated within the daily routine, in preparation for transition to the Toddler Room. 

Two small children playing with toys

Toddler at play

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room caters to our 2-3.5 year olds (approximately). In this room we also use the primary caregiving (key teacher) approach and we concentrate on teaching and putting respectful practice into place. This room provides children with more space to be active and to explore and discover in their unique toddler way. We share an open playground with the Preschool room, embracing tuakana/teina relationships -this is where older and younger children learn from each other. Our Toddler room is a fantastic place for our children to build relationships with their peers by engaging and exploring their environment, which is further supported by incorporating key Montessori values and a range of activities and experiences that allow the tamariki to explore and grow and have fun at the same time.  Our Kaiako work with and alongside whānau to extend and develop our tamariki's interests. We’re committed to providing a stimulating environment based on the individual needs of our tamariki and whānau.

Preschool Room

Our Preschool Room is for our 3.5 – 6-year-olds. Here you will continue to have a specific key teacher assigned to your child where they will continue to develop independence, language, and social skills. Children develop the essential knowledge and skills to support them as they take risks, are challenged and prepare for the transition to school. In our preschool room, Montessori activities and values will continue to be embedded as a key component within the daily routine. Your child’s interests will be sustained and learning outcomes extended through the environment and variety of experiences we offer. We encourage your child to ask questions and provide them with the tools to find their answers through inquiry-based learning and projects.

preschool child with paint on hands